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About Ms. Brown

I am a Mompreneur who applied what I learned within the 10+ Years in corporate America to my personal key elements of experience, success, and business ventures. I was born and raised in Miami Fl. One day I aimed to be a entrepreneur. I decided to become my own boss and build generational wealth for my family. But, just didn’t know where to begin. I met my Fiance in 2014. We both shared the same passion, goals, & dreams. Together we became unstoppable.

I relocated with my family from Florida to Atlanta Georgia in 2017. I was able to build multiple successful business entities accompanied by my Fiance. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others and I’m very passionate about what I do for a living. I’m proud to mention that I am a Franchise owner of Reliable Cleaning Solutions and an Independent Box truck owner of Reliable Solutions Transportation. With multiple business startups in the process. I Strive to continue aspiring others by speaking on my experience as a Entrepreneur.

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